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Female Breast Cancer Treatment

Female Breast Cancer Treatment

Access exceptional care for breast cancer, one of the most common cancers that affect women, at Montefiore Einstein Comprehensive Cancer Center. As one of the first NCI-designated cancer centers, for more than 50 years, we've been a leader in the research, diagnosis and treatment of over 200 types of cancer.

Expect comprehensive, personalized breast cancer care that meets the highest standards for quality and safety. Montefiore Einstein Comprehensive Cancer Center is nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report in the top one percent of all hospitals in the nation for cancer care. Our breast cancer program is also accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), following the highest standards for quality breast cancer care.

In a modern, peaceful setting designed to promote healing, our breast cancer program:

  • Offers the latest, most effective diagnostic testing, treatments and advanced technology, including:

    • Same-day diagnostic testing for mammography using state-of-the-art 3D tomosynthesis, ultrasound and minimally invasive needle biopsy

    • Surgical navigation for breast-conserving surgery, making us one of only a few breast cancer programs in the U.S. to provide this option, which helps you reach your best outcome in as few surgeries as possible

    • Radiation therapy techniques, such as single-dose radiation treatments during surgery, to treat cancer more quickly than traditional radiation therapy

    • Lumpectomy techniques that use imaging technology during surgery to remove cancer fully in 90% of patients, significantly higher than the 65% average of other programs across the country

  • Gives you access to promising new treatments through clinical trials and actively works to increase the accessibility of clinical trials and remove barriers to care for everyone

  • Pioneers breakthroughs in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment through cutting-edge research, such as the landmark TAILORx, which found up to 70% of women with early-stage breast cancer can be spared chemotherapy through hormone therapy instead, and other scientific discoveries shaping the future of breast cancer care

  • Provides world-renowned lymphedema prevention and therapies, such as lymphatic microsurgical preventative healing approach (LYMPHA), which was developed at our cancer center

  • Focuses on your holistic well-being during and after cancer treatment through well- rounded, supportive care, programs, and resources

  • Empowers you to make informed choices about your care through support and education

  • Is led by a multidisciplinary breast cancer team of specialists—including medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, radiation therapists, social workers, and other dedicated professionals—working together to ensure you receive exceptional patient-centered, coordinated care and offers you same-day combined appointments for your convenience

When you need breast cancer care, turn to our providers who are passionate about ending cancer and addressing your whole health needs.


Come to the Breast Care Center for helpful and coordinated breast care at one modern location, access to some of the nation’s top multidisciplinary breast specialists, and all the information and personalized guidance you need to take your next steps.

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As an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center, Montefiore Einstein Comprehensive Cancer Center supports the mission and guidelines of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The following information about types of cancer, prevention and treatments is provided by the NCI.